Early History

As early as 1889, a small group of devout Christians began to gather in Longmont, study the Bible, and pray for their friends who do not know Christ. Leaving in faith, this small group of Christians took steps to become one of the first Christian churches in Longmont on Sunday, July 5, 1891. They called themselves “The Church of Christ.”

One week after his first service, RW Woodside, of Wichita, Kansas, became the first pastor. Although they lacked a building of their own, this group of Christians began to grow. They invited neighbors and friends to their new church.

In 1892, EF Harris came to serve as pastor and prospered during his church ministry. This small church began to grow beyond the walls of the old town hall, where they met. This church, which eventually became the First Christian Church, moved to various places in its early years, including a local hotel. In 1894, a small building was erected in the center of Longmont to serve as its first church building.

In 1903, during the ministry of Pastor RJ Horn, another church building was dedicated. For 63 years, a small white church on the corner of the Sixth and Coffman was home to devout Christians.

A statement from the weekly program in 1936 describes what the services were like in the little white church: “This is your father’s house: write expectantly, feel at home, breathe prayer, quietly relax, worship the soul, greet cordially and leave thoughtful. “

Additions were made to the church and over the years the leadership acquired additional batches to the side of the building, looking forward to future growth.

With a heart to serve the community and the desire to reach the lost, First Christian Church once again surpassed its facilities. During the ministry of Pace Talmage, leaders began planning another larger building.

In 1964, Dale McCann became a minister. In 1965, a new building was built. Over the years, the additions and improvements were made in the Sixth and Coffman on the land acquired many years before.

After growing up outside the city block on Coffman Street, First Christian sought relocation. They moved to their current facility on Highway 66 in 1991 as Rick Rusaw joined Prime Minister. Growing more needed additions to the building in 1995. Once again, God blessed the work of consecrated persons in the First Christian Church, and began their transition from being primarily an “attractional” church to an externally focused church.

In 1999, another change came from the First Christian Church. They changed their name to LifeBridge Christian Church.

From our humble beginnings in the old town hall, LifeBridge Christian Church continues to grow and receive the blessing of God. Once again we have had to re-evaluate the challenges and joys of growth. As we overtook the walls of our present facilities, the ministers, elders and members again sought God’s guidance in expansion and have been led to become a multi-site church.

What does it mean to be a multi-site church? This means that those living outside the Longmont area can now participate in a LifeBridge worship experience in their own city. With live music, vibrant children and youth programs, satellite campuses help families drive less, participate more, and conveniently invite friends and neighbors to a LifeBridge worship experience in their own area.

In the summer of 2005, staff and leaders at LifeBridge began looking for an additional worship service in the Tri-Cities area of ​​Weld County. With much of the growth of our church coming from that area, the decision was made to locate a second campus in Frederick.

In the fall of 2006, a third campus was launched in the Johnstown area. This local church community connected to the Longmont-based LifeBridge family creates a mix of “small” and “great” giving the best of both worlds: a small church community where you can experience great relationships, with access to all great resources and opportunities of our largest church family.

In the fall of 2012, LifeBridge began another exciting journey of growth with the launch of a fourth campus, Life Bridge, in the southeastern area of ​​Longmont to expand its service focus to the Spanish-speaking community in southeast Longmont. LifeBridge en Español offers a bilingual service. Like our other campuses, LifeBridge en Español offers a small church community where you can experience great relationships, with access to all the great resources and opportunities of our largest church family.

From its humble beginnings more than 110 years ago, God has blessed the efforts of this congregation to reach out to people with the story of Jesus Christ. Each facility that was built serves as a tangible reminder of God’s faithfulness by providing what we need to reach those who do not know Him.

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